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Chinese Water Dragon a Guide

Chinese Water Dragon is additionally known by the name of Green Water Dragon or Asian Water Dragon. These winged serpents are occupants of Asia. There is another types of the water monster that is deductively named as Physignathus lesueurii, it is local to Australia. 

The life expectancy shifts from 10 to 20 years. 


The Chinese Water Dragonis green in appearance, going from dim green to light green. Vertical inclinations and stripes of green or turquoise is discovered all around the body. Their stomaches will in general be white in shading or light yellow and their throats are for the most part vivid. The long tail is limited and is grouped with green and earthy colored tone. The grown-up guys will in general have huge heads as opposed to females and they grow enormous peaks on tha back of the head and neck. 


The Chinese Water Dragons Care needs bigger walled in areas to live in-the base size for the grown-up monster is 6 feet long,2-3 feet down and 5-6 feet tall. A fenced in area of this size is by and large hand crafted and will in general be a bit expensive alternative. It's smarter to oblige one male and one female instead of two guys or two females, as they may show hostility in a little space.