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The Art of  Dressage

The specialty of dressage signifies "preparing" in French, and goes back to the Xenophon in Greece and incorporates the military, just as the acclaimed riding schools created during the Baroque time.
During the Renaissance, dressage was an acknowledged work of art, and the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, which today is as yet acclaimed for its Lipizzaner Stallions, has saved that craftsmanship. It is additionally portrayed by some as artful dance riding a horse. Pony and rider cause it to seem easy, however it takes an elevated level of physicality, correspondence, and expertise to take these perplexing actions seem easy and elegant.
A dressage test ridden to music is understood as a kur. This can be a truly agreeable encounter for the rider, as they will arrange their own test utilizing the necessary boundaries gave, and it is additionally energizing for the observer to observer also.