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The Art of  Dressage

The advanced Olympics started in 1896, with equestrian occasions first showing up in the 1900 Paris Games. Since ponies were principally utilized in the military up until that point as expected, it was the trial of the military pony that was the norm during the origin of the advanced Olympics. This test included dutifulness and mobility, or what we presently allude to as Dressage. By then the riders were all male, and the majority of them were additionally military. It wasn't until 1952 that ladies were permitted to contend in the equestrian controls at the Olympics.
For upper level rivalry, Arabian and Thoroughbred lines are generally alluring, as they are reproduced to be refined with the qualities of a leggy, rich pony with lovely development. These warmbloods overwhelm the global dressage rivalries as we probably am aware them today.
. Prior to entering the field, you will need to ensure that your pony is perfectly prepped, mane interlaced, and the tack should be completely cleaned.
There will be up to three adjudicators assessing you and scoring you on exactness, disposition, submission, gracefulness, and your capability as a rider. After the rider enters the ring, ends and salutes the appointed authority, you will play out the assignments as depicted in your test, which comprises of riding at various strides, just as various varieties inside the steps in straight lines and circles, utilizing the letters as your guide. After you have finished your test you will indeed stop, salute the appointed authority, and leave the ring. In dressage rivalry, you are contending with yourself to improve your own score.