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We welcome you, my dear brothers and members of the website visitors



In the beginning, this blog was created for everything related to pets, whether in the field of dogs, cats and horses, for example a section on cats, in which you find many different articles that are constantly and continuously renewed and also you find many articles in other fields and we will make sure to carefully select them in order to satisfy all Tastes

Blogger message:

I hope you read that message someday and I'm not here! At the beginning, I wanted to present this blog to spread some of my interests, so you will find various topics, most of which I have met in my life, so I presented it in the right way that I see. The blog was initially established for goals I did not know, but after periods of continuing the blog, my goal became to spread the correct concepts and awareness of some things take care of her ! .

In the end, I want you to know, my visiting brother, that everything presented in the blog regarding these interests is personal diligence, so it may be a mistake in explaining or something! So, do not take a bad idea about us just because of something wrong, but you also seek to correct this with our discussion and your suggestions.

And I hope that this blog will still be useful to all the world, with its content, albeit somewhat small